Posted by: montclairlibrary | May 25, 2017

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

10 Picture Books About Riding a Bike, a list by the Friends of Montclair Library

What’s on your list of things to do this summer? Learning to ride a bike tops the list in our household. Since May is National Bike Month and summer is just around the corner, here are ten picture books to inspire young riders/readers.

P.S. Did you know you can check out a bike lock when you park your bike at the Montclair branch? Ask at the front desk.
P.P.S. And that OPL has a mobile bike-based library that pops up at events around town?
P.P.P.S. And that OPL hosts a Women Bike Book Club? See the link for dates and locations.

“We love bikes at OPL,” Brian Guenther, the Branch Manager at the Martin Luther King Jr. Branch, wrote in an OPL blog post. “My theory is that it’s because, like libraries, bikes represent a kind of freedom that is accessible to people of most ages. Or, maybe it’s because they’re another economic way to see more of your world. Maybe it’s just because they’re fun.”

My Bike by Byron Barton (J PICBK BARTON)
Tom tells all about his bicycle; his ride to work past trucks, cars and even elephants; and his work as a circus performer.

Everyone Can Learn to Ride a Bike by Chris Raschka (J PICBK RASCHKA)
A father teaches his daughter all about bicycle riding, from selecting the right bike to trying again after a fall.

Duck on a Bike by David Shannon (J PICBK SHANNON)
A duck decides to ride a bike and soon influences all the other animals on the farm to ride bikes too.

New Red Bike! by James E. Ransome (J PICBK RANSOME)
Tom enjoys the thrill of riding his brand new bicycle, and then shares it with a friend.

Froggy Rides a Bike by Jonathan London (J PICBK LONDON)
With encouragement from his friends and family, Froggy learns how to ride his shiny new bike.

Curious George Rides a Bike by H. A. Rey (J PICBK REY)
Typically entertaining trouble ensues when George learns to ride a bicycle.

Bike on, Bear! by Cynthea Liu (J PICBK LIU)
“Bear is an extraordinary, genius bear, who can do anything except ride a bike. Can Bear figure out how to get on two wheels?” (Publisher)

Sally Jean, the Bicycle Queen by Cari Best (J PICBK BEST)
When Sally Jean outgrows her beloved bicycle, Flash, she experiments with various ideas for acquiring a new, bigger one.

Along a Long Road by Frank Viva (J PICBK VIVA) (not at Montclair)
Stylish illustrations and brief text evoke a bicycle ride, with its ups and downs, sweeping turns and vivid views

On My Bike by Kari-Lynn Winters (J PICBK WINTERS) (not at Montclair)
“Toddlers and young children will take delight in this whimsically illustrated rhyming story. Come along on a whirling-twirling bicycle ride through the pathways and trails around the city.” (Back cover)

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