Posted by: montclairlibrary | June 21, 2014

Budget Woes

I wish I didn’t have to write posts like this every year, but the Oakland Public Library is once again facing a budget shortfall in July 2015 of $3-4 million. According to the Library Advisory Commission and Save Oakland Libraries, such a deficit could mean six to eight (!) of our libraries could close a year from now.

What you can do to help
At a recent City Council meeting, Councilmember Dan Kalb suggested money from this year’s budget surplus be set aside to help protect the OPL in 2015. Please consider sending Councilmember Kalb an email thanking him for this suggestion, especially if you live in District 1. More importantly, send your personal Councilmember an email asking him/her to support Councilmember’s Kalb suggestion. Tell the Council why the OPL is important to you and needs to stay fully open.

You can find Councilmember contact info here or find out which district you’re in here.

Things are looking hopeful for the budget, but nothing’s been decided yet. On Monday, June 23, the City Council will be considering the budget at their meeting. Show your support for Oakland libraries by attending or even signing up to speak at the meeting.

Some good news on the state level: Yesterday Governor Jerry Brown signed the state’s 2014-2015 budget, which contains new funding to enact the Governor’s plan to connect public libraries to high-speed internet as well as new funding for the California Library Services Act and the state literacy program. Read more about it on the California Library Association website.

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