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Photo by Soumyadeep Paul via Flickr
If your household is in the midst of World Cup fever, now’s the perfect time to check out some soccer-themed books for your summer reading!

Adults might enjoy books that tie soccer into the global picture, like How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization by Franklin Foer (796.334 FOER), or Nick Hornby’s memoir of fandom, Fever Pitch (796.334 HORNBY).

Kids can choose non-fiction books like Soccer by Hugh Hornby (J 796.334 HORNBY 2005) from the Eyewitness series, or novels like Sarah Aronson’s Beyond Lucky, or bios of stars like Messi or Neymar (ebook).

And of course there are picture books, both fiction and non-fiction, about the beautiful game (descriptions are from the Encore catalog):

Soccer Star by Mina Javaherbin (J PICBK JAVAHERBI): An inspiring story of a Brazilian boy who dreams of being a soccer star and the sister who steps in to help his team win a game.

Dino-Soccer by Lisa Wheeler (ebook, also available in hard copy at other branches): When veggie-nibbling Grazers and meat-munching Biters take to the soccer field, its a showdown of prehistoric proportions.

Goal! by Mina Javaherbin (J PICBK JAVAHERBI): In a dangerous alley in a township in South Africa, the strength and unity which a group of young friends feel while playing soccer keep them safe when a gang of bullies arrives to cause trouble.

Morgan Plays Soccer by Anne Rockwell (J PICBK ROCKWELL): Morgan Brownbear has trouble playing soccer until his coach, Mr. Monkey, finds the perfect position for him.

My Soccer Book by Gail Gibbons (J 796.334 GIBBONS): Briefly describes the equipment, terminology, rules, positions, and plays of one of the world’s most popular games.

Madlenka, Soccer Star by Peter Sís (J PICBK SIS): Madlenka plays soccer in her city neighborhood–with the mailbox, a dog, a parking meter, and some cats. Includes facts about the game, and translations for the word “soccer” in various languages.

Maisy Plays Soccer by Lucy Cousins (J PICBK COUSINS): Maisy and her friends can’t wait to play soccer! Maisy puts on her uniform, laces up her sneakers, and heads to the field.

Young Pelé: Soccer’s First Star by Lesa Cline-Ransome (J BIO PELE): The story of how a poor boy named Edson—who kicked rocks down roads and dribbled balls made from rags—went on to become a great soccer player.

Goal by Robert Burleigh (J 811.54 BURLEIGH): Illustrations and poetic text describe the movement and feel of a fast-paced game of soccer.

Winners Never Quit! by Mia Hamm (J PICBK HAMM): Shows that being a team player is more important than winning or losing a game.

Children's books about soccer

Photo: Soumyadeep Paul via Flickr

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