Posted by: montclairlibrary | April 18, 2020

Poems-in-Place: “I Remember” by LaLa

I Remember
By LaLa

So I thought you seemed familiar, I looked into your eyes and they looked so

I really don’t know why, they drew me in and they haven’t let me go

De-Ja-Vu, Did you ever say that to me before

Impossible, I just met you, we never had a long conversation, or never shared
an invocation

When you’re near, I feel so safe, when your away, I fear you will never return

What did you say?

I saw you in a dream only I was fully awake, I saw you riding on a camel in a
dusty fog

I could see the pyramids in the distance moving further away as you rode
steadfast my way

My eyes were partially covered and my headdress was heavy almost as heavy
as the jewels that adorned me

But my heart was light and iridescent anxiously awaiting my King

Oh did I embarrass you no need to blush, this is only some sort of stupid
crush; I probably made it all up

What, you don’t think I’m nuts you felt it too, a familiarity of sort, something
infallible to the touch

You’ve actually wanted to bring it up, but you felt foolish and believed I would too. Now certainly we must agree this is some sort of De-Ja-Vu


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