Posted by: montclairlibrary | October 30, 2017

Friendly Ghosts

Picture Books about Not-Spooky Ghosts, a list by the Friends of Montclair Library

For your Halloween reading pleasure, a collection of OPL picture books about ghosts who are more curious, perhaps hungry or even scared themselves than scary.

Tip: Check the Holiday cart by the children’s librarian’s desk for more spooky fun books!

Leo: A Ghost Story by Mac Barnett (J PICBK BARNETT) – Leo is a friendly house ghost – but when a family moves into his house and tries to get rid of him, he leaves and roams the city looking for a friend.

Goldfish Ghost by Lemony Snicket (J PICBK SNICKET) – Follow the adventures of a recently-deceased goldfish as he floats – upside-down, of course – through the world.

The Scariest Book Ever by Bob Shea (J PICBK SHEA) (in processing – available soon) – “This is the scariest book ever! Or so claims its melodramatic ghost narrator. You can go ahead and turn the page, but don’t expect him to come with you. He is a big scaredy-cat!” (Publisher)

No Such Thing by Ella Bailey (J PICBK BAILEY) (not at Montclair) – Join fearless little Georgia in debunking the spookiest of ghoulish and ghostly activities!

Ghosts in the House! by Kazuno Kohara (J PICBK KOHARA) (not at Montclair) – Tired of living in a haunted house, a young witch captures, washes and turns her pesky ghosts into curtains and a tablecloth.

Georgie by Robert Bright (J FIC BRIGHT) – The classic story of a gentle ghost who “happily haunts Mr. and Mrs. Whittaker’s house — creaking the loose board on the stairs and giving the parlor door a little squeak every night — until his world is turned topsy-turvy and he must find a new house to haunt.” (GoodReads)

Three Little Ghosties by Pippa Goodhart (J PICBK GOODHART) – Three mischievous ghosts love scaring little children, until the children decide to take matters into their own hands.

Bob’s Hungry Ghost by Geneviève Côté (J PICBK COTE) (not at Montclair) – Wanting a dog for his birthday but instead receiving a pet ghost named Fluffy, young Bob becomes frustrated by his ghost companion’s disobedience and inclination to eat everything in sight.

Haunted Party by Iza Trapani (J PICBK TRAPANI) – In this counting book that introduces the numbers from one to ten, a ghost and his supernatural friends have a party on Halloween night.

Trick or Treat by Leo Landry (J PICBK LANDRY) – On Halloween, Oliver the ghost has a lot of work to do before the trick-or-treaters come knocking at his door–and before the spookiest guests arrive at his costume party.

The Haunted Hamburger and Other Ghostly Stories by David LaRochelle (J PICBK LaROCHELL) – A ghost father tells his children three frightening stories to help them go to sleep at night.

The Hungry Ghosts by Julius Lester (J PICBK LESTER) – A resourceful young boy tries to help three hungry ghosts find something to eat.

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