Posted by: montclairlibrary | July 29, 2017

Tiger, Tiger

Picture books about tigers, a list by the Friends of Montclair Library

Today (July 29) is Global Tiger Day, dedicated to the preservation of these endangered big cats.

From Tigger to Hobbes to Richard Parker, tigers have a long history as literary sidekicks, and they also make good stand-ins for the wilder side of kids’ nature in picture books.

Here are a dozen picture books about tigers to help you celebrate. (For some additional tiger book and activity ideas, see The Guardian and GeekDad.)

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown (J PICBK BROWN) (not at Montclair) – Bored with city life and the proper behavior it requires, Mr. Tiger has a wild idea that leads him to discover his true nature.

It’s a Tiger! by David LaRochelle (J PICBK LaROCHELL) – A child imagines he is in a story where he encounters a tiger at every turn.

Leo the Late Bloomer by Robert Kraus (J PICBK KRAUS) – Leo, a young tiger, finally blooms under the anxious eyes of his parents.

Close Your Eyes by Kate Banks (J PICBK BANKS) (not at Montclair) – A mother tiger entices her child to sleep by telling of all that can been seen with one’s eyes closed.

Don’t Wake Up the Tiger by Britta Teckentrup (J PICBK TECKENTRU) – All the animals work to set up a surprise without waking up Tiger.

Read to Tiger by S.J. Fore (J PICBK FORE) – A little boy who wants to read his book keeps being distracted by a tiger who is busy chomping on gum, growling and practicing karate kicks.

Tiger Trouble! by Diane Goode (J PICBK GOODE) – Jack and his tiger Lily live happily in an apartment building in the city, until a new landlord with a dog takes over and orders Lily to leave.

Cinnamon by Neil Gaiman (J PICBK GAIMAN) – The parents of pearl-eyed princess Cinnamon offer a reward to anyone who can help their daughter speak, a plea answered by an exotic tiger who arrives at the palace, armed with knowledge of the world.

The Story of Little Babaji by Helen Bannerman (J PICBK BANNERMAN) – A little boy in India loses his fine new clothes to the tigers, but while they dispute who is the grandest tiger in the jungle he takes his fine clothes back again.

Nine-in-One, Grr! Grr!: A Folktale from the Hmong People of Laos by Blia Xiong (J 398.2 BLIA – Fairy Tale Books) – When the great god Shao promises Tiger nine cubs each year, Bird comes up with a clever trick to prevent the land from being overrun by tigers.

Tiny Little Fly by Michael Rosen (J PICBK ROSEN) – With a tramp and a roll and a swat, Great Big Elephant, Great Big Hippo, and Great Big Tiger try to capture Tiny Little Fly as he teases each one in turn.

Tigress by Nick Dowson (J PICBK DOWSON) (not at Montclair) – A mother tigress raises two cubs and teaches them all they need to know until they are ready to rely on themselves.

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