Posted by: montclairlibrary | June 9, 2017

UNBOUND winners 2017

First, a huge apology for the delay getting this news out to you – it’s been a busy season here in volunteer-land! Now [drumroll, please] we’re pleased to announce the winners in our 2017 UNBOUND Book Art & Craft Contest!

In the Kids’ division (ages 0-12), Lily A.’s dramatic “Story Shark” captured first place, wowing the judges with its dynamic 3D display of swimming fish and shiny teeth.

First place for kids in UNBOUND 2017, by Lily A.

In second place, Charlotte P.’s “The Dollhouse with People” transformed a fashion photography book into a fold-out dollhouse complete with windows you can peek through and a working front door. Definitely check out the additional photos on our Pinterest board to get the full effect of this one (and more photos of all the winners plus a couple honorable mentions).

Second place for kids in UNBOUND 2017, by Charlotte P.

In third place, Stella J.’s “Seasons” turned a book about a pond into a series of collages about the seasons, including a very cute squirrel on the Fall page.

Third place for kids in UNBOUND 2017, by Stella J.

In the Teen division (ages 13-18), a Elena L. captured first place with her timely piece “Tear Down This Wall,” featuring photos from a book about immigration built into a wall.

Teen winner in UNBOUND 2017, by Elena L.

In the Adult division (ages 19+), Katherine Falk claimed first place with her charming collage of two people, one reading a book and the other reading on a phone.

First place for adults in UNBOUND 2017, by Katherine Falk

In second place, Adriana Worley built “The Unusual Impressionist Birdhouse” out of images of Impressionist paintings, including fun little details like paper feathers.

Second place for adults in UNBOUND 2017, by Adriana Worley

Last but not least, in third place, Tricia Larsen turned a book about San Francisco’s history and architecture into a towering structure reminiscent of Sutro Tower and the Transamerica Pyramid.

Third place for adults in UNBOUND 2017, by Tricia Larsen

Thank you to everyone who entered, and to our prize donors FLAX Art & Design and Out of Print! Winners will be receiving an email soon with details on collecting their prizes. Look for information in early 2018 about next year’s contest.

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