Posted by: montclairlibrary | January 10, 2017

5 things you can do for libraries in 2017

5 Ways to Love Your Library - photo by CCAC North Library via Flickr

Now, more than ever, libraries matter. Here are five ways you can support Oakland libraries this year – some of them are obvious, and some may surprise you.

1. Use it!
Libraries, like muscles and leather jackets, get better with use! Library administrators use circulation and participation numbers to determine funding and purchases, make decisions about staff and hours, and argue for their slice of the city budget pie. Use your local library often and you’ll not only get to know the people and resources available there, you’ll help ensure they continue to be available.

“Check out books, ebooks, DVDs, anything. Attend library programs. And once you’ve done these things, be vocal about it! Tell your friends and neighbors how the cool things that are provided by the library (you know, in case they forgot).”
— Rita Meade, Book Riot

2. Buy your next car in Oakland.
Is it time to replace your vehicle? Buy it at one of our local dealerships and you’ll not only support an Oakland business, your sales tax will go into Oakland’s coffers, some of which funds the library. If you’re looking for tips on what car to buy, see this page put together by OPL with links to vehicle price guides, Consumer Reports rankings and more.

3. Vote.
Vote for library proponents in local elections, ask candidates how they will support libraries and write letters to the editor or on social media supporting libraries. provides tools to help you locate your elected officials and find out how they stand on issues related to libraries.

Learn more about the benefits libraries provide to society and pledge to support libraries at the ballot box at

4. Donate – time, skills, books, money – whatever you can spare.
Whether you have extra books you can donate for our book sales, time to help with Friends projects, or a special skill the library needs or even that you can offer to teach others, giving to the library feels great. If you have money to donate, consider giving to the Montclair Branch’s lighting campaign.

5. Spread the word!
Tell someone about an event at the library, recommend a book, help someone new to the neighborhood get a library card – even in the internet age, libraries rely on word of mouth for promotion.

“Do you love your local library? Do you have a librarian who helped you find just the book you were looking for? Don’t keep these gems to yourself! Snap a photo of your library and share it with your social networks. You never know who you might inspire to become the next big supporter of libraries.”
Chronicle Books

Photo (edited): CCAC North Library via Flickr / Creative Commons

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