Posted by: montclairlibrary | September 23, 2016

Otters Everywhere

Picture books about otters, a list by the Friends of Montclair Library

September 18–24, 2016 is Sea Otter Awareness Week. To celebrate otters (and in honor of our neighbor Montclair Elementary, whose mascot is the sea otter), here are 10 books about our favorite fuzzy marine mammals (with a few river otters mixed in). Bonus otter knowledge: Did you know river otters have been spotted in Lake Merritt and Lake Temescal in recent years?):

I am Otter by Sam Garton (J PICBK GARTON) – Otter decides to open a toast restaurant with her best friend, Teddy, but after she blames Teddy for the mess they made, he goes missing.

Otters Under Water by Jim Arnosky (J PICBK ARNOSKY) (not at Montclair) – Shows two young otters frolicking and feeding in a pond.

Do Unto Otters by Laurie Keller (J PICBK KELLER) (not at Montclair) – Mr. Rabbit wonders if he will be able to get along with his new neighbors, who are otters, until he is reminded of the golden rule.

Stop Snoring, Bernard! by Zachariah OHora (J PICBK OHORA) – Because his loud snores disturb all the other animals at the zoo, Bernard the otter tries to find a solution.

A Lot of Otters by Barbara Helen Berger (J PICBK BERGER) – As a lot of otters wrestle, roll and cavort on the water, they make such a commotion of light that Mother Moon finds her lost child.

Seababy: A Little Otter Returns Home by Ellen Levine (J PICBK LEVINE) (not at Montclair) – A baby sea otter, separated from his mother by a storm, is rescued by a human who takes him to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to recover and learn how to take care of himself.

Elliott the Otter: The Totally Untrue Story of Elliott Boss of the Bay by John Skewes and Eric Ode (J PICBK SKEWES) (not at Montclair) – “Elliott the otter lives in Puget Sound’s Elliott Bay and claims it’s named after him….From the freighters bringing in cargo from around the world to the salmon passing through on their way upstream, Elliott is the boss of it all.” (Publisher)

Utterly Otterly Day by Mary Casanova (J PICBK CASANOVA) (not at Montclair) – After a day out on his own, Little Otter realizes that he still needs his family no matter how big he grows.

Otter and Odder by James Howe (J PICBK HOWE)
When Otter falls in love with his food source, a fish named Myrtle, he must decide whether to follow the way of the otter or the way of his heart. From the author of the Bunnicula series.

Otter Moon by Tudor Humphries (J PICBK HUMPHRIES) (not at Montclair) – After the King of the River orders Flibberty the otter to serve him a great fish on a silver dish, Flibberty goes downstream at night and with the help of his friend Heron tries to fulfill the king’s command.

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