Posted by: montclairlibrary | October 30, 2014

Your vote counts

Don’t forget to vote on or before November 4 – your vote counts and may ultimately affect library funding! Scroll down for a tool to help you find your polling place and get other election information through The Voting Information Project, a collaboration between The Pew Charitable Trusts, Google and the states.

After you vote, join us at the Montclair branch Tuesday, November 4 from 6:30-7:30pm to hear author Michael Goldstein talk about his book Return of the Light: A Political Fable in Which the American People Retake Their Country. In Return of the Light, it is the night of the Winter Solstice in 2120. At one of thousands of community gatherings across the United States, a storyteller does the annual retelling of how, back in 2023, a decade-long movement culminated in the people taking over their own government, making it a means for mobilizing their collective power to promote peace, social justice and a society hospitable to the needs of the human spirit.

Michael Goldstein blogs in the Huffington Post and Open Salon, focusing on the need to move beyond the teeter-totter of the two-party system and the means to do so.

For more event information, see the OPL website Events listing.

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