Posted by: montclairlibrary | July 30, 2014

Budget update

Here’s an update on the city budget situation and how it impacts the library system, from the Library Advisory Committee:

The City Council voted July 1 to place $500,000 into the OPL’s Measure Q Reserve fund — a start toward filling the projected shortfall of $2.5-$3.5 million that threatens to close 6-8 branches in Fiscal Year 2015.

“Like we heard (from library advocates) today, that’s a down payment on our challenge next year,” said Council Member Dan Kalb during the council meeting. He’s right — the work of protecting the Oakland Public Library’s budget is just beginning.

WHAT CAN WE DO? Click here for a handout that helps explain the OPL’s budget shortfall [and why libraries are important – ed.]. Print the handout, and pass it around — then do it again, and again! Give it to your neighbors and to the members of any group you belong to. Set out stacks of handouts wherever you can!

For example, Oaklanders will gather at hundreds of National Night Out block parties on Tuesday, Aug. 5. Whether you’re hosting or attending, this is a perfect time to hand out fliers. Your neighbors and friends probably don’t know 6-8 library branches will close in July 2015 — SPREAD THE WORD! Speaking of National Night Out, several OPL locations — including the Main Library and the Dimond and Temescal Branches — will host NNO events.

There are more tips and resources on the Save Oakland Library website.

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