Posted by: montclairlibrary | May 17, 2014

UNBOUND winners 2014

We’re delighted to announce the winners of our 2014 UNBOUND Book Art & Craft Contest! Thank you to everyone who entered – you can see more views of the winners and other entries on our Book Craft Pinterest board.

In the Kids (ages 5-12) division, the judges were wowed by first place winner 12-year-old Elena’s “Home for Vintage Birds.” Made from a damaged birdhouse covered with pages and covers from Birds of the World, the piece illustrates, in Elena’s words, that “Old or damaged, a home is still a home.”

Kids 1st Place winner by Elena

Second place in the Kids division went to our youngest entrant, 5-year-old Sarai, who painted a jubilant rainbow heart over pages from an old French book.

Kids 2nd place winner by Sarai

Teen (ages 13-18) winner Karsen used an old atlas to create an untitled piece with blooming flowers.

Teen 1st place winner Karsen

And Teen second-place winner Roy used quilled book pages from The Yellow Birds in the shape of a bird in his piece “Wings of War.”

Teen 2nd place winner Roy

In the Adult division, first place goes to Audrey Larsen’s “Dive into a Good Book!”, which combines a carved out Harry Potter book with images from The Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau to create a “window into the ocean.”

Adult 1st place winner Audrey Larsen

Second place winner Kamni Vijay turned a history book about Lewis and Clark into “Lewis & Clark Journal of Adventure,” which looks like a scrapbook or journal one of the adventurers might have kept to chronicle their “critical motivations and highlights of their expedition.”

Adult 2nd place winner Kamni Vijay

We really enjoyed seeing all the entries, and look forward to hosting the contest again next year. We’re working to arrange a display of the entries – stay tuned for details. And thanks again to Montclair Village’s HoneyBee3D for donating the adult first place prize!

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