Posted by: montclairlibrary | September 25, 2012

Beyond books

Ty Yurgelevic of the Tool Lending Library - photo by Steve Saldivar via Flickr

Ty Yurgelevic of the Tool Lending Library. Photo by Steve Saldivar via Flickr.

This is the final week of Library Card Sign-up Month. The American Library Association put together a fun true-or-false quiz highlighting some of the unique things libraries around the country loan to their cardholders. For example, fishing poles are available at six branches of the Chicago Public Library. Some Midwest libraries offer cooking equipment, like cake pans, for checkout.

Your Oakland Public Library card may not get you a bundt pan, but did you know about these other things you can check out besides books?

You can use the Format facet on the Encore search sidebar to filter your results by the type of item, such as Books, DVDs, etc. Try searching for “drill” and filtering by Format:Tools to see all the drill and bit options available at the Tool Lending Library, for example. How cool is that?

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