Posted by: montclairlibrary | September 21, 2012

10 things about our book sale

Top 10 Ways to Get the Most Out of the FOML Book Sale tomorrow:

  1. Bring the list of books your book club is reading, or that you’ve been meaning to read, so you can keep an eye out for them.
  2. Check out our famous basket of Little Books You Didn’t Know You Needed, where you’ll find gift-quality books on topics ranging from poetry to dogs. Or sometimes poetry about dogs.
  3. If you have kids in school, ask your child’s teacher if there are any types of books they’d like for their classroom that you could buy as a donation to the class.
  4. Find a travel book to inspire your next vacation (or at least some daydreaming about a vacation).
  5. Keep an eye out for gift-quality picture books for the little ones in your life.
  6. Pick up a new cookbook to try.
  7. If you know someone who’s housebound or in the hospital, ask if there are any types of books you could bring them for entertainment.
  8. Help your kids practice using money by giving them a number of dollars and challenging them to choose books without going over the amount they have to spend.
  9. Stick around for fill-a-bag discounts from 2-3pm.
  10. Ask any of our friendly volunteers how you can sign up to help with future book sales!

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