Posted by: montclairlibrary | August 6, 2012

Daniel Clowes at the Oakland Museum of California

Panel from Daniel Clowes' graphic novel 'Wilson'If you’re a graphic novel fan, you probably know the work of Daniel Clowes, the author of sad, quirky comics like Ghost World and Wilson. Clowes lives in Oakland, and Wilson is set here, too. “He felt like a guy that could be hanging out on Grand Avenue or Lakeshore or Piedmont,” Clowes says of Wilson. In fact, according to Oakland Local, the graphic novel is currently being developed into a film set to be shot in Oakland. For more about Clowes and how he uses Oakland in his work, see/hear this interview from KQED.

The Oakland Museum of California has a retrospective of Clowes’ work on display through next Sunday, August 12. The OMCA calls Clowes “the cartoonist most responsible for developing the graphic novel into a credible literary and artistic form.” You can read an OMCA interview with Clowes here.

The Montclair branch has a copy of Clowes’ graphic novel The Death Ray. For more Clowes works in the OPL system, click here.

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