Posted by: montclairlibrary | May 21, 2012

Do you love history? We need a volunteer!

Historical photo of Montclair firehouse

Old image of Montclair firehouse, from Erika Mailman’s website

Do you love looking at old photographs and newspaper clippings? Know your way around the Oakland History Room at the Main Library, or want to learn? Interested in our community’s history?

The branch staff is looking for a volunteer to help compile a history of Montclair and the Montclair branch library. If you love history and research, this is a great way to help create something which will become part of the library’s collection.

The goal is to compile an electronic file and a binder for use by the public, containing articles and photos. We need someone to go to the Oakland History Room (on the second floor of the Main Library at 125 14th Street), usually on Friday mornings from 9am to noon before the library opens. (Other times might be possible if arranged with the OHR librarian.) We anticipate this project would take 1-2 months. There are manila folders of articles and photographs – these need to be culled, organized, and scanned.

Leon Cho, former librarian and branch manager of the Montclair Library, is heading up this project and will give direction on organization of subjects and photos. The Oakland History Room librarian will also give some initial directions on safe handling of historical materials.

Skills needed: Attention to detail, ability to work carefully with archival (often fragile) materials, interest in local history, ability to get to Main Library.

Interested? Questions? Contact Branch Manager Lynne Cutler at (510) 482-7810 or

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