Posted by: montclairlibrary | April 18, 2012

Parking Update

ParkMobile sign in downtown Oakland - photo by ParkMobile

We know parking at the Montclair branch can be tricky. We worked with the city last year (thanks, councilmember Libby Schaaf!) to get the green 12-minute zone in front of the library repainted, so you have a fighting chance of finding a quick spot to park while dropping off books or people, but there’s often not enough parking to go around in the busy block with the school and the library.

To make things just a tiny bit easier, if you’re parked in one of the metered spaces a little further up the hill in the Village you can now add to your meter time from your mobile phone. Just look for the green ParkMobile sign at the kiosk where you pay for your parking and note the parking zone number. Then download the free ParkMobile app, and it will not only text you when you have 15 minutes left, but you can add time up to the 2-hour limit right from your phone (a small service fee may apply). It’s not as good as free parking, but it sure beats trying to hustle up the hill with kids and books in tow, or getting a ticket!

Speaking of free parking, did you know that shopping at many of our local merchants (44 of them and counting) can earn you free parking in the Village garage? For lots of details on Village parking, including a list of retailers who validate, see the Montclair Village Association website.

Of course, with Earth Day coming up and the weather so nice, you might want to walk, bike or take the bus to the Montclair branch if you can – there’s a bike rack right out front waiting for you!

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