Posted by: montclairlibrary | August 1, 2009

Library fines and fees going up

News from the Oakland Public Library:
“Starting August 1, several of the Oakland Public Library’s fine and fee charges will go up. Overdue fines for most adult/teen materials will now be 25 cents per day (instead of 20 cents per day), and it will cost $2 (not $1) to replace a lost or damaged library card. Individuals will also have to pay 15 cents per page for computer printing (no free copies), and $2 (not $1) to make an interlibrary loan request.”

Here’s an up-to-date overview of the Library’s fines and fees:

Late Items
Adult/Teen Materials: 25 cents per day
Video/DVD, Book-on-tape, Book-on-CD: $1 per day
Tools: $1 to $20 per day, based on tool’s value
Children’s Materials: No fine
Children’s Videos/DVDs: $1 per day

Loss/Damage Fees
Lost Materials (including tools): cost of replacement
Damaged Materials (including tools): cost of repair
Damaged Barcode: 50 cents
Library Card Replacement: $2

Other Fees
Interlibrary Loan (ILL): $2 request fee
Computer Printing Fee: 15 cents per page


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