Posted by: montclairlibrary | May 17, 2023

Blues City Map

The African American Museum and Library (AAMLO), located at 659 14th Street – one-time home of the Main library. Photo by Oakland Public Library.

If you read Ishmael Reed’s Blues City: A Walk in Oakland along with us and wondered about some of the locations, we made a map! Some of the places mentioned, like the first locations of the University of California and Merritt College and the 7th Street Blues scene, are long gone, and a few are in limbo (Kaiser Convention Center, we’re looking at you), but many of them (the Paramount Theatre, Peralta Hacienda, Camron-Stanford House, AAMLO and more) are still around and open for visitors.

Check out the map here – click on any point to see details and usually a link to more info:


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