Posted by: montclairlibrary | April 30, 2010

Oakland History – May 1

College Avenue near Shafter, Rockridge District, 1930

College Avenue, looking north toward Shafter Ave, 1930. Photo courtesy Oakland Public Library.

Our first month-of-history-and-mystery event is tomorrow:
Saturday, May 1, 2010 – 1-2pm
Steve Lavoie

Historian, author and librarian Steve Lavoie shows historic photos of Oakland and talks about the history of our city and the man who gave the money to build the Montclair Branch back in 1930, Chauncey W. Gibson.

About Steve: Steven Lavoie is a librarian in the Oakland History Room of the Oakland Public Library, author of “Historic Photos of Oakland,” and all-around Oakland expert. He served as librarian and staff writer at the Oakland Tribune, where he contributed columns, features and editorials. Lavoie holds two degrees from the University of California, Berkeley and has lived in Oakland since he relocated here from a remote northern suburb to shorten the trip to Oakland A’s games.


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