Posted by: montclairlibrary | September 20, 2009

Hot days may mean temporary library closures

The weather forecast for the coming week calls for some hot days here in Oakland. Did you know that on hot days, in some cases the Oakland Public Library has to close some of its branches in order to abide by OSHA guidelines for heat exposure risks to employees and the public? Our quaint little Montclair branch is one of many without air conditioning, so it’s subject to heat-related closures if the temperature inside reaches or exceeds 87 degrees Fahrenheit. The decision to approve such temporary closures must be made by a Library Administrator, who will evaluate other factors too, such as the number of users in the library, their comfort level and the health of staff.

For more information on heat-related closures, including a list of branches which have air conditioning, see the Oakland Public Library website.

Stay cool, Montclair.


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